Black men are at higher risk for prostate cancer. Join Alicia and her father for this Talk That Talk Family session. In anticipation of her wedding, Alicia has a discussion with her father to protect him from missing her big day. By getting screened for prostate cancer today, we can be there for the ones we love tomorrow.

[Music Playing]
Alicia: Dad, can you believe your little girl is engaged?! I’m gonna be married, right here!

So hear me when I say that dancing at my wedding without you…is not an option!

[Music Stops]
Look, I know how you feel about going to the doctor. You’re always saying you never feel seen or heard, but I still need for you to go and get checked out for prostate cancer.

I mean, how are you going to be here for me tomorrow if you don’t take care of yourself today?

[Music Resumes]
Don’t have me out here lookin’ all sorry dancing by myself.

It’s time to talk about prostate cancer. It’s time to Talk That Talk.

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