Historically, Black communities have faced discrimination designed to limit their opportunities. As a result, they continue to experience unique health challenges in accessing the best health care.

At Janssen, we’ve recognized that we need to do things differently to provide you with the best care. Our dedication to health equity means prioritizing your health outcomes.

We have a responsibility to help eradicate racial and social injustice as a public health threat. This is why we are determined to find solutions that help empower you to take control of the quality of your care.

It’s a big mission, but we believe it’s possible.

The barriers that Black men face with prostate cancer care can no longer be ignored. Talk That Talk is an effort to bring together leaders of Black communities, Black health organizations, and a team of diverse people with a shared purpose — to ensure we authentically portray the richness of the Black experience and help save the lives of Black men.

We see you. We hear you. And we are doing something about it.

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“We are committed not only as Janssen, but as Johnson & Johnson, to closing the racial mortality gap by investing in these culturally competent care models and materials to provide better education and help eliminate inequities for people of color.”


Tyrone Brewer

President, US Hematology
Johnson & Johnson
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“To get us to talk about prostate cancer and early detection, we need to understand our why. Why do you want to live and why is it important to be around for your family members, your wife, your children? When life matters, then your PSA levels matter.”


Robert Ginyard

Podcast Host, Speaker,
and Prostate Cancer Survivor
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“In Black communities, prostate cancer is a public health crisis. For a long time, we didn’t know this because we didn’t talk about it. I lost both my grandfathers and my father died from prostate cancer three months before I was diagnosed with it. Talking about it raises awareness within families and communities.”


Tom Farrington

President and Founder, PHEN,
and Prostate Cancer Survivor
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“I've always wanted to share my story; I just didn't know when or how to go about it. When Janssen asked me about the campaign Talk That Talk™, I was like, this is the perfect time. I don't know if I'm ever going to get a better opportunity to share my story than this moment.”


Shannon Sharpe

Pro Football Hall of Famer, Host of Club Shay Shay,
Talk That Talk™ Ambassador,
Prostate Cancer Survivor