Walk That Walk — Success

Success is a celebration of the accomplishments of an uncle and his nephew. Prostate cancer is a disease that many men still don’t talk about. See what Jason has to say to his Uncle Mike about protecting his legacy by caring for his prostate health.

[Music Playing]

Jason: Unc, I gotta give it to you. Who knew that bikes would be in such high demand.

Who knew? You knew. That’s who…! You’re the heart and soul of this business. Can’t imagine what this shop would be like without you.

[Music Stops]

Look...I’ve been doing some research on what we got to do to stay healthy...And the truth is we’re more at risk for prostate cancer than most.

That’s why I got checked out...And why I need you to do the same.

I already lost my dad to this disease...So, that means it runs in the family. And I can't afford to lose you too.

Plus, the business needs you. Your family needs you. So, if you’re not going to do it for yourself, do it for us.

[Music Resumes]

I mean, who else am I gonna ride with?

It’s time to talk about prostate cancer. It’s time to Talk That Talk.

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